Guariba Lodge & Roosevelt

In addition to our trip to Roosevelt, we offer a detour to Guariba Lodge. The lodge is located right next to the Guariba River, a smaller tributary of the Aripuana. From Roosevelt, it takes between 6 and 8 hours to sail to Guariba lodge. The trip includes several stops to fish for reftail catfish, vampire tetra and peacock bass.

River Roosevelt or River of Doubt, the river’s original name, is named after US President Theodore Roosevelt who, in 1914, helped explore and map the river that had been discovered just a few years earlier. The river is found deep in the Amazon rainforest. The river is 760 kilometers long and is still considered one of the most impassable rivers in the entire Amazon. River Roosevelt is part of a protected area and home to the Sinta Larga tribe, which numbers around 1700 people. The area around the river is subject to a carrying capacity principle where logging, agriculture and fishing are only allowed to a limited extent. As fishing tourists, we are helping to ensure the conservation of the Amazon rainforest through the sustainability project. The lodge we stay at is run on the principle of self-sustainability and all employees are local. In practice, this means that the money we as tourists pay for the trip is spent on wages for local, local produce, education and conservation work. In the River Roosevelt, we primarily target redtail catfish, large peacock bass and vampire tetra, but with hundreds of species of fish in the river, you never know which of the river’s monsters will take the bait.

Catch & release

As in Roosevelt, all angling in Guariba is Catch & Release and it’s a pleasure to see how the fishing guides respectfully treat the fish they catch. The fish stay in the water as much as possible and only come on land for a quick photo before release. If a fish is too deeply hooked to be released, it is either used as baitfish or ends up on the dinner table.

Luxury in the rainforest

At the lodge in Guariba, there is only room for 6 fishermen. You stay in a shared double room with air-conditioning, shower and toilet. At Gauriba, you can enjoy your food in the lodge’s beautiful common room or on the exclusive terrace with direct views of the rainforest.

Far from everything!

Go further than your imagination can take you. Guariba Lodge is completely isolated in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and the only way to the lodge is via an 8-hour boat ride. All tours to Guariba start from the lodge in Roosevelt. When you’re in Guariba, you really realize how vast, dense and mythical the rainforest is. The sound of the rainforest is very intense and just a few meters from the lodge’s cabins the rainforest towers like an impenetrable wilderness. The close proximity of nature in Guariba was evidenced by fresh jaguar tracks. The big cat had walked less than 5 meters from the hut we slept in during the night. In addition, we saw several caimans and a single large anaconda that majestically swam a few meters past one of our boats. Although Guariba is far from everything, there’s nothing missing. The food is great, there’s internet and all the cold beers and sodas you can dream of.

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